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I offer more than just guidance; I help spark a transformative journey in those precious early weeks with your little one. With each day, you'll not only witness the incredible growth and changes in your baby but also in yourself.

From understanding your newborn's unique cues to establishing nurturing routines, mastering sleep patterns, and perfecting feeding techniques, I'll be right beside you. My dedication is in empowering you to become the confident caregiver your baby needs, ensuring a seamless transition into this beautiful new chapter of life. Let's transform these initial moments into a foundation of love and trust.

How I can help you!
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What I offer 
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Newborn care isn't just about routines and schedules; it's the tender dance of understanding, where every cuddle, lullaby, and gaze deepens the bond and lights the path for tomorrow.

  • Monitoring Growth and Development: Keeping track of your baby's growth milestones, feeding, and sleeping patterns.

  • Educating You, The Parent: Providing knowledge on newborn care basics, including handling common issues like colic or reflux.

  • Lactation Support: Offering basic lactation guidance and directing you to specialized resources if needed.

  • Establishing Routines: Helping you set up daily and nightly routines to help streamline care and provide consistency for your baby.

  • Safe Sleep Practices: Ensuring your baby's sleep environment adheres to safety standards.

  • Resource Recommendations: Providing referrals and suggesting resources for further parental support, be it books, apps, or local community groups.

Remember, while I'm equipped with extensive knowledge and expertise in newborn care, my role is to empower you with the confidence and skills to care for your baby independently over time.

Newborn Care Specialist 


As your Newborn Care Specialist (NCS), I offer a wide range of expertise to help your family navigate the early stages of your baby's life.

  • Feeding Support: Guiding you on breast and bottle feeding techniques, understanding hunger cues, and establishing feeding schedules.

  • Sleep Conditioning Guidance: Assisting you in establishing healthy sleep habits and routines for your newborn.

  • Diapering: Demonstrating proper diapering techniques, including addressing any issues like diaper rash.

  • Swaddling: Teaching effective swaddling techniques to comfort and soothe your baby.

  • Basic Baby Care: Including bathing, dressing, and nail care.

  • Monitoring Growth and Development: Keeping track of your baby's growth milestones, feeding, and sleeping patterns.

Birth Doula

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