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Nationwide Birth & Postpartum Doula Care

At KayBee Village, I recognize the profound impact that compassionate support and guidance can have during the transformative experience of parenthood. As a certified birth and postpartum doula, I’m dedicated to being your unwavering advocate throughout this incredible journey.

In the embrace of the nurturing community that cradled me as a young mother in the Caribbean, I found a depth of understanding and emotion that now fuels my passion. When you invite me into your journey, I bring with me a blend of ancestral wisdom and contemporary insights. Together, we'll navigate this beautiful voyage of parenthood, ensuring you feel seen, heard, and empowered every step of the way.


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From our initial conversation to the moment your baby takes their first breath, I'm right there with you. As your birth doula, my role extends beyond just support during labor. I'm here to educate, empower, and stand by your side, ensuring you're informed and confident every step of the way. 


Your care includes a comprehensive 20-hour class and exclusive access to my virtual childbirth library, ensuring you're well-prepared for both childbirth and those early days of newborn care and lactation, should you choose to breast/chest feed. 


Please note, that I offer my birth services exclusively to those also seeking postpartum support. Together, we'll navigate your childbirth journey with clarity, confidence, and purpose.

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  • 3 prenatal visits

  • Birth planning

  • Newborn Care & Lactation Classes

  • Access to free childbirth education classes

  • Access to childbirth education library

  • Check ins as needed

  • Virtual or in person support during early labor

  • In-Person support during active labor

  • 2 postpartum visits

  • 24/7 emotional support


Navigating those first moments with your new baby, every parent deserves to feel supported and confident. Preparing for this new chapter is more than just classes; it's a journey we'll walk together. From in-depth newborn care to lactation guidance and understanding the emotional shifts of postpartum, we're crafting a path tailored for your unique parenthood transition. And it doesn't end there — I'm here with parent coaching, assisting with light house chores, and errands, and offering overnight infant care.

The goal is to  provide you with a seamless transition, ensuring you have the space to bond with your baby and relish this transformative time, without feeling overwhelmed. Amid the postpartum phase's whirlwind, know that I'm right beside you, offering emotional support, practical assistance, and specialized newborn care, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: cherishing those precious early moments with your baby.

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  • Tailored hourly packages.

  • Lactation Support

  • In home meal prep services. Creating healthy and soul warming meals to help the Postpartum body and family recover and reconnect

  • Light housekeeping, emotional support and infant care education

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